Why should I donate?   

There are many reasons, but the main one is so we have money to pay for things that the server needs. In the chart below I have detailed our yearly costs and some one off things we have to pay for such as paid plugins.
# Name Type Cost Per Year
1 RENMX.com Our Main Domain Name $10.77
2 MXPulse.com Our Forum Domain Name $10.77
3 Whois Guard Privacy Protection for our Domains $5.80
4 Web Hosting Allows us to host our sites $78.48
5 Homepage Theme License Subscription to our Wordpress Theme $39
7 400Mb Internet Unthrottled Fast Internet $161.47
8 Electricity Our server, router and switch consume a lot of power. $113.18
Total Yearly Cost $419.47 USD
   How do I donate?   

We are partnered with Stripe a premium payments processor similar to PayPal. You may have used them in the past without knowing if you've ever bought games from the Humble Bundle. To get started simply click on a button below for how much you wish to donate and enter your Debit or Credit Card details into the Stripe form. The payment is securely handled by Stripe and we (RENMX) never receive your card details.
   What do I get for Donating?   

There are no benefits or perks for donating beyond the good feeling you'll get for helping us keep our services (which are free to use) online. All money donated goes exclusively towards our running costs.
   Can I get a refund?   

You are entitled to a full no-quibble refund up-to 30 days after making a donation and we will also refund you upto 90 days after making a donation under specific circumstances such as you being permanently banned from our community within a 90 day time frame from your last donation.

We also offer refunds with no time limit that were fradulently made such as using a parent or guardians card information without their authorisation. If you would like to request a refund for any reason please email [email protected] using the same email address that you entered when making your donation and we will respond within 24 hours. All refund requests which meet our above criteria will also be issued within this time frame.